Welcome to my writings and ramblings.  Writing for me is a way of getting things off my chest, and expressing ideas through word.  I’ve always enjoyed typing away whatever is on my mind, and reading it over and over makes me happy time and again.  Knowing that other people read my stuff makes me happy as well, which is why I am ever glad you are visiting today.  

You’re sure to find plenty of things here to occupy your time with.  I spend more time than I should at the movies, and I post film reviews here regularly.  I read one book a week, so you always have book reviews to look forward to.  I also write essays, short stories, editorials, and the like in my spare time, which I post here as well.  Other than the aforementioned items, I write whatever I want.  If I write about how good a local specialty roast beef sandwich is, chances are it will find its way onto this site.

Enjoy your journeys into my works.  Stay awhile.  You’re in for a good time. 


David Brashier

David is a young writer who lives in Alabama.  When he is not writing, and his life isn't consumed with school, he enjoys a number of pastimes.  These pastimes include, but are not limited to: reading, backpacking, gaming (both video and board), watching movies, traveling, sipping tea, and listening to music as he thinks about his fictional life that is far more bodacious than the one he has now. He lives with his family, consisting of two brothers that annoy him on a regular basis, and two Bearded Collies dubbed Linus and Lucy.